Flexbar Hole Gages

SKU: 16251
Flexbar Hole Gages

  • Instant diameter measurement of small holes; punched, drilled, reamed,EDM'd, cast, molded.
  • Ideal for inspection of P.C. boards, screw machine parts, injection nozzles, electronic connectors, jig boring stock, sheet metal, plastic molded parts, etc.
  • Quick and easy reading. Insert the hardened, precision ground tool steel gaging plunger into the hole to be measured. Press the base plate firmly against the part.
  • Direct diameter reading to .001" or metric to 0,02mm on 2 1/4" dia. Dial Indicator.
  • Guaranteed accuracy ± .0003" throughout the range of all models.
  • Four models cover range from .010" to .330" dia. or 0,25mm to 8,35mm.
  • No setting masters required - zero on any flat surface to "set-to" number stamped on back of the indicator.
  • Furnished in fitted case.

    Model No. 16251, Flexbar Hole Gage, Metric Reading
    Diameter Range: 0,75mm - 3,30mm

  • Price: $225.00
    Flexbar Hole Gages
    Flexbar Hole Gages
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