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Flexbar Checkmaster Comparator, Basic Unit Only

Model #: 20910
The Flexbar Checkmaster Comparator

The Ideal Inspection Tool for Both the Metrology Lab or Shop Floor-Where Repeatability, Accuaracy & Speed are Required.

The Checkmaster is a bench gage that gives repeatable gaging results. Readings can be taken from dial indicators or transducers.

  • Excellent gage repeatability and reproducibility, (GR and R) capability.
  • Robust design for shop floor use.
  • Ideal for S.P.C. and 100% inspection.
  • Leaf spring measuring system- unaffected by oil, swarf, etc.
  • Reversible bias for internal and external measurements.

    The power of the Checkmaster lies in its flexibility to deliver accurate,repeatable readings for a wide variety of measurements. In use with the Universal Tooling Set, the Checkmaster can address the following applications and more:

  • Diameters, internal and external
  • Undercuts, O ring grooves, ball tracks, internal and external
  • Rolling gear test, gear to gear or gear to master
  • Holes center to center
  • Concentricity bore to O.D.
  • Step height, lengths, depths
  • Three gage positions
  • Accepts any 8mm or 3/8" stemmed gage or transducer

    Model No. 20910, Flexbar Checkmaster Comparator, Basic Unit Only.

  • Price: $1,895.00
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    Flexbar Checkmaster Comparator, Basic Unit Only
    Flexbar Checkmaster Comparator, Basic Unit Only
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